Heiner's Loaves

  • King Size (9105) 23 Slices

This classic white sandwich bread is batter whipped to create a smooth texture. The soft interior is surrounded by a rounded, golden crust with a nutty flavor. Heiner's King sliced bread stays fresh for weeks without losing the delicious cake taste you love.

  • Giant Size Sandwich (9115) 26 Slices

Easily recognized by its square slice, Giant Sandwich bread is the largest loaf sold by Heiner's. This popular white bread was created in the early 1950's to accommodate the growing popularity of the metal lunchbox. Resistant to crushing, Giant Sandwich Bread enabled shift workers and school children alike to stack multiple sandwiches in their containers without taking up valuable space. Giant Sandwich Baked is baked with a lid on the top to create a flavorful, firm loaf of bread that stays fresh for weeks.

  • Texas Toast (9116) 18 Slices

Similar to Giant Sandwich bread, Texas Toast is perfectly square, but sliced twice as thick. A favorite of the restaurant industry, this white bread is great for toasty sandwiches.

  • Old Fashioned (9125) 23 Slices

This traditional white bread is known for its excellent taste, flavor and aroma. Made with non-fat dry milk, the rounded, golden crust surrounds a soft center. This top selling bread has a high moisture content making it excellent for toasting.

  • Stone Ground (9135) 23 Slices

With dark brown slices, this full bodied wheat bread features visible grains, surrounded by a rounded, chestnut flavored crust. Unlike many competitors, Heiner's breads contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.Recognized for its unique appearance, Heiner's Old Fashioned Split Top wheat delivers the hearty flavor of a wheat bread with the crust and smooth texture of a white bread.

Similar in appearance to Heiner's traditional wheat varieties, the aroma of this bread is enhanced with a touch of honey. Excellent for toasting, each dark slice of the Split Top Honey Wheat delivers the flavor wheat bread lovers deserve.

  • 35 Breads (9155, 9156, 9158) White, Wheat, Hearty Wheat 24 slices

Low calorie. Low carb. High Fiber. Rounded top, golden crust, low calorie bread with good flavor. The white and wheat are exactly what they say they are - low calorie versions of white and wheat bread. The hearty wheat uses a coarsely ground cracked wheat, so you can see and feel the grains in the bread. All loaves are small and the slices are thinner. The 35 Breads tout 0 fat grams and one of the lowest in sugar and calories on the market.

  • French Italian (9170) White 16 Slices

Each thick slice of French Italian bread offers the hearty taste of French bread with the interior of Italian bread. Excellent for toasting, each thick slice is topped evenly with sesame seeds to produce a nutty flavor.